[[t]ɪntʃɑ͟ːnt, -tʃæ̱nt[/t]]
enchants, enchanting, enchanted
1) VERB If you are enchanted by someone or something, they cause you to have feelings of great delight or pleasure.

[be V-ed] Dena was enchanted by the house...

[V n] She enchanted you as she has so many others.

Derived words:
enchanted ADJ-GRADED

Don't expect young children to be as enchanted with the scenery as you are.

2) VERB In fairy stories and legends, to enchant someone or something means to put a magic spell on them.

[V n] King Arthur hid his treasures here and Merlin enchanted the cave so that nobody should ever find them.

[V-ed] ...Celtic stories of cauldrons and enchanted vessels.

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